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Publications & Competitions

Dareshack experience studio, SHORN, Penguin Random House,, Plume Anthology, A3 Review, Bristol Prize, Wells Literature Festival.

About Me

My literary bent surfaced when I started secondary school. I wrote when I was bored, often defacing notebooks, penning rude poems I thought were hilarious. My teachers were not amused so I initially studied contemporary dance and worked briefly as a professional dancer, touring both the UK and Europe. I later failed an MSc in Dance Science as I was too preoccupied with writing a terrible novel. At the age of 26, I began working in marketing and decided to study creative writing via online courses at Oxford University and the Gotham Writers’ Workshop in New York. I then took a Masters of Arts in Creative Writing at Bath Spa where I worked with Samantha Harvey, Tessa Hadley and Philip Hensher. After getting a few short stories published I studied Teaching Creative Writing at the Manchester Writing School (MMU) with Andrew McMillan. I now run creative writing workshops, edit submissions and continue to collect my own rejection slips.