Editing & Articles

2020 Founder and editor, Attractivity.co.uk

2018-19 – Article writer for Girl etc.

2018 – Editor; The Authors Publish, A Quick Start Guide to Flash Fiction by Ananda-Mayi Dasi

2016 – Author; Bar Magazine, Down Beer Alley: King Street Brew House in Bristol.

2016 – Author; Bar Magazine, Horseplay: The Dark Horse rides into Bath.

2015 – Author; The Fav Food Blog, The Humble Hot Dog.

2015 – Author; CAMRA Pints West No. 106, Launch of the brewhouse and kitchen.

2013 – Author; Imbibe Magazine, Soap Box; Why can’t arts venues raise the bar?

2010 – Featured; Imbibe Magazine, Show and tell: Homemade creations from our barmen.

2008 – Featured; Daily Mail, Swizzle sticks at dawn: The cocktail years.

2008 – Featured; Daily Mail, Pitcher Perfect: The Best Summer Cocktails.